CNC Machine Tooling

Seven Seas Exporting Company has supplied countless machine tools to the metal working industry.

We are able to typically ship within 72 hours the following parts categories:

HSS Jeweler Slotting Saws HSS Plain Metal Slitting Saws
HSS Screw Slotting Saws HSS Cold Saw Blades
HSS Staggered Tooth Side Chip Clearance Saws HSS Straight Tooth Milling Cutters
HSS Staggered Tooth Milling Cutters HSS Single Angle Cutters
HSS Convex Cutters HSS Concave Cutters
HSS Double Angle Cutters HSS Corner Rounding Cutters
HSS Jobber Drills Cobalt Jobber Drills
Wire Gauge Jobber Drills Letter Size Jobber Drills
HSS Screw Machine Drills HSS Silver & Deming Drills
Chipbreaker Drills Morse Taper Shank Drills
HSS Oil Tube Chipbreaker Drills Cobalt Parabolic Jobber Drills
Cobalt Parabolic Screw Machine Drills Cobalt Parabolic Taper Length Drills
Combined Drills & Countersinks Drill Sleeves
Coolant Inducers HSS MTS Taper Bridge Reamers
Cobalt Roughing End Mills Colorband Application Taps
Circular Screw Adjustable Dies HSS Dienuts
Bradrad Step Drills Countersinks

✱✱ All items are manufactured in the USA from American & German steel.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or call +1-864-357-0284. We look forward to working with you.